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When you think about search engines, Google is probably one of the first that comes to your mind. It allows you to solve questions you have, search for curiosities and get answers as soon as you type in your doubt. 

Now, this process is easier with the Google app, which provides you with an on-the-go tool to help you solve almost any question you have. With this app, you get updates on topics you find interesting, organised on a feed and you also explore your interests and curiosities. 

Google even allows you to browse nearby stores and restaurants but also to get real reviews about a particular service you are looking for, or a store you're going to. You can have access to your team's match live results or scores, as well as all live sports schedules. Just type in the team or game you're looking for and Google will keep you covered. 

Want to go to the cinema? Ask Google for nearby movie theatres, times, cast and reviews to decide where to go and which movie to watch. You can search for videos, images and get details about a topic of your interest. 

You can receive updates not only about sports, movies, stock market exchange and events but you can also set your app to give you all the latest news and weather information for the day, as soon as you wake up.

If your internet connection isn't that good, Google will automatically optimize its results to improve loading and if this doesn't work and you loose connection, it will send you a notification with your results as soon as your connection is on again. 
Download the app now and start googling! 


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